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Moors and Christians 2014 Biar

by / Monday, 05 May 2014 / Published in Eventos, Fiestas, Turismo

From 9 to 13 May, held annually in Biar of the Moors and Christians oldest and singular how many are held throughout the Valencian lift. They are the great days of the town par excellence.

They recall the struggles between Almohads and the troops of King James I the Conqueror in 1245, with the conquest of Biar the Crown of Aragon, marking the former border between the Kingdom of Castile and Aragon.

As unique and characteristic acts is the “Descent of the Virgin”, cover the shoulders of biarenses from the sanctuary the night of May 10, with the lighting of hundreds of bonfires on the hills surrounding the town. Another singular act subsequent measurement and dancing Spies, which takes place the evening of the 11th, and ending with the arrival at the castle erected in the Plaza for embassies, the effigy of Mohammed. It is another landmark of the Holidays Act. It a mix of representation and folklore are given. It symbolizes how the Moorish troops attempting to conquer the fortress disguised.

Also noteworthy is the entrance of Moors and Christians, the first act of mass participation that takes place on the evening of May 10.

Poster for the 2014 festival conducted by José Luis Ribera Soler and the program of events is attached.

! We hope your visit!

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