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Youth Hostel in Biar

The youth complex, 1.5 Km. From the town of Biar, beside the road leading to the shrine of Nuestra Sra. De Gracia, surrounded by dry fields and lush pine forests. The facilities are limited by a fenced enclosure includes a large outdoor area and 4 different blocks. The open space corresponds to a central plaza around which are the buildings: two buildings right on one level for activity rooms, living rooms and bedrooms are located adapted; while the block on the left houses the reception and the multipurpose room. The building is facing the main, with 2 floors: the ground floor is the dining room and the kitchen, and on the first floor, the bedrooms and bathrooms. It has Wifi, swimming pool, and is suitable for the disabled.


  • Activity room with seating for 25 people
  • Activity room with seating for 15 people
  • Multipurpose room with seating for 40 people
  • Meeting room with capacity for 25 people
  • Wifi, Pool, heating, etc.
  • Pago con tarjeta
  • Hire of bedsheets and towels. Washing clothes.
  • Bicycle Rental
The hostel is surrounded by lush pine forests and is located in an ideal place to practice various activities such as hiking, climbing, canyoning and various multi-adventure activities, excursions and cultural to nearby sites visits and neighboring towns.

Temporarily Closed.