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Fiestas en honor a San Antonio Abad

by / Viernes, 13 enero 2017 / Published in Eventos, Fiestas, Patrimonio, Turismo
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Biar returns to the Middle Ages every beginning of the year. The figure of King Pàixaro moved the population of Biar at that time. Biar has managed to keep this holiday alive, which coincides with that of San Antonio Abad, patron saint of animals.
The King Pàixaro for its antiquity and for its particular figure has been configured like one of the oldest celebrations of the Valencian Community. We would be faced with a spectacular character, represented by a member of the community, erected as ephemeral authority. An authority with several grotesque elements that possibly would mock the same community, who by these same dates had to pay their taxes.

As Biel Sansano, professor at the Universitat de Alicante, pointed out: surely protected by this climate of relaxation of authority or of “social leveling” the neighborhood took advantage to transgress the rigorous morality and established social order, with the consequent disturbances, following the tradition of The liberties of the month of December, of a long antiquity.

King Pàixaro and his dancers keep alive all the symbology of the time in its different attributes. Nothing is left to chance in this celebration. The ritual to paint the face, to dress, the house from where he goes on horseback to the square repeats year after year and is transferred from parents to children. Each of the moments, seasoned with rockets, fire, dulzainas and drums are part of the charm of this particular representation.

All the information of the acts: Here

This year, we will have the presence of the radio program of the Cadena Ser “Ser Viajeros” live, on Saturday, January 14, 12 a.m. At 13 h.

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