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Castle of Biar

Biar Castle dating from the twelfth century. It is included in the route of the castles of Vinalopó, is one of the great attractions of Biar, declared a National Monument in 1931, today BIC retains an Almohad vault of XII century.

Around a central courtyard inside the castle, preparing a number of premises for ensuring the defense and provide shelter and service to the warden, his family and the garrison was organized.

Room surveillance or body guard are described in the fifteenth century; fora house, used as a barn; the palau nou which housed the family warden; the rebost or pantry to store food; the cuina or kitchen with its large fireplace; dels forns house or furnace; the stable; a capella or church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene and Santa Quiteria; the dining room. This call chaired by Torre Maestra used to store weapons and supplies to the castle. These dependencies, roofed by a water-covered curved tile, would collect rainwater for storage in the well dug in the rock that is still preserved.

After the Christian conquest of Biar by James I in February 1245, the castle had a great importance in the defense system of the Valencian southern border, given the outstanding strategic situation from the point of view of political and military Biar against the kingdom of Castile .

Biar Castle, was declared a National Monument on June 4, 1931. It is located on a rocky hill 750 meters high, is of Muslim origin and chronologically situated in the middle of the twelfth century. Its structure is maintained, retains a double walled enclosure, and battlements with its corresponding passage round, with four buckets outside and three inside, ordered around the great Master tower or keep, free, square plan and three floors. The tower, 19 meters high, built with lime and sand mortar (mud) in its interior retains the example considered oldest in vaults Almohad style. It was conquered by King Jaime l the Conqueror in the month of February 1245 after a siege that lasted six months, in this assault was used "Fonevol," war machine for stone throwing. His last Alcaide according D'els Fets Llibre was MUZA-Almorabit.

Horario de visita del castillo a consultar llamando a la oficina de turismo: 96 581 11 77 (reservas).
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Oficina de turismo de Biar: 96 581 11 77 (reservas)


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